Privacy Statement

The handling of all personal information by Get It Done is governed by the laws of the Netherlands and the European Union. If there are any specific questions regarding the privacy policy, then please email:

When any contact is made with Get It Done with regard to activities, an account is created on the Website, information is sent and received through the various linked in social media channels and or a donation is processed through the Website, personal information is provided:-
 The provision of such personal data, such as name and/or email address is made with consent, and as such, can be collected and used for a specified purpose.
- In order to process financial transactions, it is necessary to provide the name and email address of the account holder. All financial transactions will be completed by third party partners, who may require additional information, including bank and credit card details, in addition to registration on that 3rd party website. Get It Done shall not be responsible for the security of information collected by third party partners.
 Where information such as name, email address or other personally identifiable information is supplied to Get It Done, there is a legal obligation to ensure that this information is kept securely and used solely for the purpose for which it was requested. Get It Done may pass personal contact information to partner organisations for use in Get It Done related activities. If required to do so by law, it is possible that personal information may be shared with external agencies. The Get It Done Platform makes use of 'cookies'. If a User visits the Website, cookies are pieces of information that are sent through the computer by Get It Done. They are stored on a Userʼs computer hard drive, allowing recognition if a repeat visit to the Website is made. It is possible to disable this function without affecting your navigation around the site. More detailed information on disabling cookies can be found by consulting the website of the manufacturer of the relevant web browser software.

 All personal information linked to an account on the Platform can be reviewed at any time by that account holder. 

If any personal information changes, a User shall update this information promptly within an account. Personal information will be retained for the minimum period required by law. However, any content created and posted to the Website will remain online indefinitely at the sole discretion of Get It Done; unless it violates organisational policy as specified in the General Conditions or it is legally required to be removed. Get It Done cannot be held responsible for the privacy of data collected by websites not owned or managed by Get It Done. Get It Done reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting changes publicly online. Use of the Platform implies acceptance of this Privacy Statement. Any use of the Website after any changes are posted legally binds the User by the Privacy Policy as updated and/or amended. 

It is at all times possible for a User to request by e-mail for their profile, email address or name and address to be removed from the Website and or not used for any future mailings or database collection. Such requests should be sent, showing the full name and address of the User to