Project details




The project owner

Lucas Verboom


  • Jeffreys bay
  • Jeffreys bay
  • South Africa

Goal summary

The goal of the project is to build two new classrooms (4x8 meters) for the next school year of Victory4All School in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. With these classrooms we can create an opportunity to give about 60 kids per year a chance to an education and therefore a better future. Also we will be able to employ about 4 more teachers.

Project summary

The government will not let us build more brick constructions on the location, and the existing school is now functioning with more children then actually capable of. That's why we will build two high quality wooden classrooms with insolation, wood treatment and sliding doors. Because these buildings don't require a concrete foundation we will be working within the legal boundaries of the municipality of Jeffreys Bay.


The wooden classrooms will be pre-ordered and made at the factory in Uitenhage, South Africa. The pre-manufactured parts will be transported to Jeffreys Bay, where the whole building will be set up in a day by a team of workers from the factory. Also, a container full of classroom furniture will be on its way from the Netherlands. All donations will go directly to building the classrooms, and getting all the facilities. Help us GET IT DONE!


  • 60
  • Each year there will be two classes of 25-30 children making use of these classrooms. Also will we be able to employ about four more teachers.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

I work a lot with the kids in the township of Jeffrey's Bay, and to see the change that the school has made in these children's lives is very rewarding and inspiring. The thought of having to send kids away or deny them an education is unthinkable for me. That is why I will do anything I can to give these children the opportunity for a better future.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

I know Johan and Astrid Vos threw the local church. They are very good friends of mine and great mentors and examples how we can be the change in this world.

Project organization

  • Victory4All
  • Victory4All has been located in Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp for just over 10 years now. They are volunteer based development organization founded by the Dutch couple Johan and Astrid Vos. Their main vision is to bring education, hope and a better future.




  1. Classroom buildings

    • The first phase is ordering, pre-munufacturing and building the classrooms themselves. This will be done by a local factory and his contracting team.
    • €6,000
    • 4 days
  2. Classroom dress-up

    • We will be putting electricity in ourselves with lights and power sockets. Also we will be putting a double roof insulation in for warm and cold weather. We also would like to paint the inside of the school, and buy a school board and other furniture needed for the classrooms.
    • €1,500
    • 4 days