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Lunch meals are one of the common initiatives of the local government. But due to the low budget of the program, the meals lack nutrition in the form of vegetables. The increasing poverty and the lack of care has led to malnutrition. Kids have become sick easily and drop out of school. We want these kids to be healthy so that they can continue their education.


The project will adopt 3 schools of primary and middle school level covering kids from first to eight grade. Necessary permission from the local authorities for establishment of the green houses in schools will be obtained. The lunch workers will be motivated and equipped in vegetable gardening and cultivation. The children will enjoy a balanced meal that will open the way for a happy and healthy life. This pilot model will be carefully studied for the effectiveness and will be replicated in larger level to other school children, who are in need of better nutrition in their meals.


We want to tackle malnutrition! The goal of the project is to provide nutrition, through vegetables, all year long to children in 3 schools. Every day these school kids will get a proper lunch. It will enlarge their health and development. The children will also learn how to grow their own vegetables. We want to get this done through innovative green houses.