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Water (AMANZI) is the source of life! When it rains all the farming chemicals that are used in the district of Hankey run down into the lake by the dam, which is the source of Jeffrey's Bay’s water supply. We want to change this. With this project we will directly influence the health and living conditions of over 1000 children and adults. We believe that we will indirectly reach thousands of others by creating a better health and future for the lives of the local children and their families.


In cooperation with the company Absolutely Water we will be building high quality and long-term sustainable purification systems with distribution stations in five different facilities. Three systems will be installed in schools of Victory4All: a daycare and play school, a primary school and a school for mentally disabled and alcohol syndrome suffering children. We will also install a 3-phase filter system in a bakery and soup kitchen that is used too feed these children and their families. Finally, we will be installing a purification system in the healthy Mom&Baby clinic, which offers free pre- and postnatal care and advice to young mothers and their children from surrounding villages.


60% to 80% percent of all health issues in Africa are related to low quality or availability of drinking water. Jeffrey's Bay and the local township at the South-African East Cape has increased its population dramatically over the last couple of years. However, water supply remained the same. On top of that: because of the increased demand the process is accelerated, leaving chemicals in the drinking water. Our goal is to provide clean, chemical-free, and fresh drinking water for the children and their families in the townships.