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€2,000 / 2,000

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The orphans in Chikwawa (Malawi) face a challenging life. Even when they are adopted by their extended families they still live under difficult circumstances. The harsh reality is families have too little income to feed and support al the children of the community. Unfortunately this means that some children are kept at home to help raise the income, the majority of those children are orphans. This project specifically aims to improve the living conditions of the children who are the most vulnerable.


It is extremely hot in Chikwawa which makes it a challenge to generate an income. However goats are capable of surviving in this climate. We want to build a completely sustainable goat farm where we produce fruits and vegetables for the goats and orphans. The animals will be born and raised on a fenced and guarded farm which is situated close to the orphans' homes. When young female goats are born they will be donated to the orphans' households. On the farm male goats are kept for breeding. Once every orphan has a goat, the project can raise money by selling the new young animals to improve the living conditions of the whole community.


The goal of this project is to improve the living conditions of, and the chance of a future for 65 orphans in Chikwawa. To reach this goal we want to build a sustainable farm where we breed goats and grow fruits and vegetables. We want to support families that have adopted orphans in Chikwawa by gradually giving each family a goat, fruits and vegetables. We reach our final goal when every orphan has a future.