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The village of Matsangoni has difficulty obtaining the water it needs to sustain its population of 6000. The water pumps financed by its government are old and broken. Because of this we have already installed a single water pump, a public toilet and a shower near the trade centre. This was financed through private money and fundraising/charity evenings. But there is more to do to improve the lives of all the people in Matsangoni. What they need is more acces to water. To prevent people from getting sick from bacteria which cause cholera, tyfus and other deceases.


This can be done quickly by installing two extra watertaps. We do this by working together with the community board of the foundation in Kenya and the local government and ministry of health in Kilifi, Kenya. The supervisor of the foundation in Kenya will supervise that this project will be done correctly and that as many people as possible can benefit from this project.


To provide the most basic need in the world: WATER! To create and sustain jobs in this village/area. To create a healthier environment. To make it easier for the community to get water.