Lives to be improved



€5,040 / 5,040

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A small school in the village of Guthiru near the city of Nyeri Kenya wants to structurally improve the lives of 575 childeren. Those children and future generations are dependant on this school for their education. To operate this school expensive fuels are being used, putting a strong pressure on the school's budget. This directly impacts the possibility to improve and invest in the children's education. Instead of using these expensive fuels the school would like to use a low cost and sustainable energy source.


Construct and install a small biogas plant.A biogas plant is a construction in which faeces, plant material and other natural substances turn into gas which can be used for cooking, heating and lighting.


It is about installing a low cost method of producing energy and heat for the school in Guthiru. A biogasplant will reduce the cost of heating and electricity and improve health conditions and the study environment for the childeren.