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Energy for Guthiru

The project owner

Stichting Smile To The Future


  • Guthiru
  • Nyeri
  • Kenya

Goal summary

It is about installing a low cost method of producing energy and heat for the school in Guthiru. A biogasplant will reduce the cost of heating and electricity and improve health conditions and the study environment for the childeren.

Project summary

A small school in the village of Guthiru near the city of Nyeri Kenya wants to structurally improve the lives of 575 childeren. Those children and future generations are dependant on this school for their education. To operate this school expensive fuels are being used, putting a strong pressure on the school's budget. This directly impacts the possibility to improve and invest in the children's education. Instead of using these expensive fuels the school would like to use a low cost and sustainable energy source.


Construct and install a small biogas plant.A biogas plant is a construction in which faeces, plant material and other natural substances turn into gas which can be used for cooking, heating and lighting.


  • 575
  • The school has around 575 students between 4 and 15 years old, and a significant part of the students come from a local orphan house. The population under 18 years old in this area amounts around an 80% of the total, thus the school plays an important role in the neighbourhood by supporting the orphans and helping the community-building by sports activities. There is a great need at the school for improved and inexpensive access to electricity, in order to provide adequate heating and lighting for students and staff.
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Why (Project owners drive)

The aim of our organization is to improve the quality of life of the children and people in the Githuru village in Kenya, by providing them the tools to develop their own initiatives and cover the biggest gaps in the system so that this region and its residents, especially children, will be able to stand on their own feet, and bring about a change to their own development.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

The idea behind this initiative was encouraged by the local partner in Kenya Boniface Kiama, manager of the Smile To The Future school in Guthiru village, and Nando Ngandu, founder of the non-profit organization in the Netherlands, during a humanitarian t

Project organization

  • Smile To The Future
  • Smile to the Future is a non-profit organization, specialized in finding solutions to reduce poverty. We carry out humanitarian trips and projects, by helping social development and promoting entrepreneurial workshops in different parts of the world.




  1. Acquiring material

    • The school will purchase all the material needed for the installation from local suppliers.
    • €0
    • 1 - 2 weeks
  2. Installation

    • The installation of the bio-gas plant by a local company is estimated in around €250. Most of the plant has to be under the ground, and without a modern equipment this part of the process can take longer.
    • €0
    • 3 - 4 weeks
  3. Cows

    • Once the plant is installed the school has to acquire at least 4 cows (4 x 950 euros). The reason of its high price is that these cows are the best quality we can find in Africa: vaccinated against diseases, capable to produce more biomass for the plant and also more milk for the children.
    • €0
    • 5 - 10 days