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€5,000 / 5,000

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There is great need for innovative ways to reach the HIV/AIDS orphan children, and the local community has too little knowledge about HIV/AIDS. We also need to combat the stigma of HIV/AIDS.


This project is done by using creative means as an excellent way to empower children. These creative approaches will equip children with skills to exercise good judgment and expose them to career opportunities. Using the high impact medium of drama and theatre performance, the community will become more aware of the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, and be more committed to solving this widespread problem. This project offers the opportunity to join hands in the interest of the children and reach a wider audience about HIV/AIDS.


The goal of this project is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and empower the children by developing a theater performance in which 30 children participate. We will also make a documentary and train the children to use internet to share their stories.