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Ubuntu Theatre Organisation

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  • Alexandra, Johannesburg
  • South Africa

Goal summary

The goal of this project is to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and empower the children by developing a theater performance in which 30 children participate. We will also make a documentary and train the children to use internet to share their stories.

Project summary

There is great need for innovative ways to reach the HIV/AIDS orphan children, and the local community has too little knowledge about HIV/AIDS. We also need to combat the stigma of HIV/AIDS.


This project is done by using creative means as an excellent way to empower children. These creative approaches will equip children with skills to exercise good judgment and expose them to career opportunities. Using the high impact medium of drama and theatre performance, the community will become more aware of the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, and be more committed to solving this widespread problem. This project offers the opportunity to join hands in the interest of the children and reach a wider audience about HIV/AIDS.


  • 30
  • Children in Alexandra are living in abject poverty. They lack the most basic means for coping with daily challenges due to dysfunctional family structures, absence of a caring spirit in the community and their inability to access many government programme
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Why (Project owners drive)

Stars Of Alex, Ikanyezi! We belief that this saying is true about finding your purpose in live: where your talent and the needs of the world cross, there lies your vocation. In Alexandra there is a great need for creative approach to problems wich exsist for a long time. In South Africa more and more children are affected with HIV/AIDS. Still now there is a great lack of knowlegde and openess about living with HIV/Aids. And maybe worse, childeren are giving up hope, they don’t believe in their own power and abillities. It’ a great oppurtunity to come with theatre / creativity / joy in the midst of this. And use theatre as a tool to empower these children and the local organisations that support them. We raise awareness about their situation and change the negative stigma that surrounds them. Through theatre we contribute to a sense of community, the spirit of Ubuntu: I am because you are So that's why we’re passionate about Getting This Project Done! Annemiek Funneman & Christiaan Bloem

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  1. Social Media Training

    • 2 digital fotocameras €300 2 digital film cameras €500 1 laptop €1000 1 year internet connection €600 total €2400 These materials and costs are used in Social Media Training which we'll launch during our project. Laptop, photo / filmcamera's and internet connection will stay with the children at Noah. Through Internet and Social Media the kids communicate with the world about their story and adventures. Because we believe it's important that the children share their stories, and connect them to people outside of Alexandra / Johannesburg / South Africa. Primairy goal is to create more awareness about HIV/Aids By sharing their experience during the theatre-project we hope to create support and publicity, and we hope to find more opportunities for funding for projects of NOAH as well The content of this campaign will be photo's, video's, about the project it self, and the stories of the childeren...
    • €2,400
    • 12
  2. Showtime!

    • Costumes €700 Script €250 poster @ flyers €1250 Catering €400 Total €2600
    • €2,600
    • 12