Project details




The project owner

Marieke Stopel


  • Manila
  • Philippines

Goal summary

To create a room where children are inspired. A room where they can read books and study. A room that provides them the opportunity to create and explore. A room that stimulates them to think about dreams and possibilities. A room where the scholars can study quietly after school as at home there is often no opportunity.

Project summary

The children living near and/or studying at the Papaya school in Manila, Philippines, often don't have a place where they can find inspiration. This project will provide that place. Within this place this project aims to inspire hundreds of children to release their inner-creativity by providing them with a colorful and creative space in which they can participate in artistic activities.


With assistance from the Dutch organization Kalinga, the Papaya school will create an inspiration room by painting the room with inspiring designs, buying (handmade) carpets and cushions, purchasing books, creating content for craft workshops, making a time schedule for the activities in the inspiration room, and of course, spreading the news by word of mouth to allow the children in the neighborhood who are not attending school to participate in activities.


  • 250
  • • 180 children studying at the Papaya school set up and financed by the Dutch organisation Kalinga • 40 children living nearby the Papaya school but not attending the school • 30 students receiving a scholarship from the Kalinga for secondary school
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

By chance I was born in a rich country with all the opportunities to develop myself. And I am happy to apply my knowledge, experience and energy to create opportunities for others who happen to be born in a poor family in a developing country, and to allow them to give direction to their own future.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Friendship




  1. Buying materials

    • Books: * 500 euro (average PHP600 p/book = 10 euro) Craft materials (o.a. paper, paint, brushes, pencils, scissors, glue, glitters) * 300 euro Paint for inspiring designs in the room, cushions and carpets * 100 euro [other decorations for the room will be sponsored by others]
    • €900
    • 4
  2. Creating room

    • Installing the library Organising content of craft workshops Preparing time schedules for workshops and opening times of the library Spreading the news for children to come and join the activities
    • €0
    • 4