Project details




The project owner

Gugi Van Der Velden


  • Lake Naivasha
  • Kenya

Goal summary

Bring joy and inspiration into the lives of underprivileged children in Kenya through sports and play at Join for Joy summercamps. The true essence of childhood is celebrated, and children have a unique opportunity to express themselves and experience the joyful energy that comes from playing.

Project summary

Due to widespread poverty and poor living conditions, the carefree and joyous aspects of childhood are often overshadowed in developing countries. This project will allow children to truely experience what is it to be youthful. Play is not only an important element in child development, but it also encourages imagination, and inspires children to see beyond the perceived boundaries of their situation.


Join for Joy will organize summer camps for children in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, which entails play and sporting activities; music and dance; role-playing and creative exercises. The development of sports and activity guides, complete with the necessary materials for games and sports, will further stimulate the intellect and imagination of these young children. Through such activities, the children have a chance to express themselves in a safe and fun environment. Play is fundamentally important to child development, and Join for Joy plans to reach up to 20.000 children with this project.


  • 50
  • Children from slums in Nairobi.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

My name is Gugi van der Velden, one of the board members of Join for Joy. Last year I visited Kenya twice, in preparation of and for the actual Summer Camps.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is an Employer of Contact Person (Unpaid)




  1. Downpayments Summer Camp

    • Hire camping material - 600 Camping Costs - 1200 Cooking Material - 600
    • €2,400
    • 14
  2. Extra payments Summer Camp

    • Food - 800 Transportation - 900 Day Trips - 250 Local Staff - 150
    • €2,100
    • 9