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The project owner

Camila Ferro


  • Kitgum, Uganda
  • Uganda

Goal summary

The goal of this project is to provide at least 448 schoolgirls in the Kitgum District of Uganda with AFRIpads' washable menstrual kits, so they do not have to stay home from school during 'that time of the month'.

Project summary

Throughout the year, many girls must stay at home because they lack the proper materials to deal with their menstrual cycle. Dispoable sanitary pads are expensive and makeshift alternatives, such as banana leafs or newspapers, simply don't do the job.The introduction of AFRIpads will help us work towards gender equality amongst schoolgirls by making a cost-effective solution to a gender-specific obstacle to their education


While visiting these schools, an introduction about menstrual hygiene is provided and AFRIpads' kits are distributed. This way, girls are able to attend school for a whole year.


  • 448
  • Schoolgirls in menstruating age in different villages located in the Kitgum District. It is widely agreed that millions of girls in developing countries are forced to stay home during their periods. This happens simply because of the unavailability of
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Why (Project owners drive)

My name is Camila Ferro and I work for the AFRIpads Foundation in the Netherlands. I have followed the progress AFRIpads has made in its few years of existence from a distance ?which in my opinion, is an amazing accomplishment! I know this company from its very beginning, as I was lucky enough to be in Uganda during its conceptualization phase in 2009. AFRIpads was founded and is run by two young entrepreneurs who love and believe in what they do. Such hard work can be measured by the level of satisfaction from our lady customers in Uganda as well as by our Ugandan employees in Masaka. What I admire the most about AFRIpads is how this pioneer project that is in reality so simple, tackles at once several problems encountered by women in developing countries. AFRIpads promotes education and gender equality by providing girls the comfort and protection they need to attend school uninterruptedly for a year-long; AFRIpads generates income to women in rural Uganda; and last but not least, AFRIpads is “green” as its manufacturing process is entirely manual and it reduces waste volume as our product is reusable (washable). AFRIpads has the potential of helping millions of girls and women in developing countries, and I am sure that this is just the beginning!

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is an Employer of Contact Person (Unpaid)




  1. Where to go?

    • AFRIpads will choose two primary schools in the District of Kitgum that are eligible to receive our donation. 448 AFRIpads kits: €1568 Educational material: €33
    • €1,601
    • 4
  2. This is AFRIpads!

    • Transportation costs Kampala- Kitgum: €120 Overnight costs (3 nights): €37.5 Meals: €82.5 Project management costs: €147.28 Unforeseen costs: €147.28
    • €535
    • 1