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The project owner

Jos Van der Hoek


  • Nusa Tenggara Timur
  • Indonesia

Goal summary

To revitalize the educational facilities for 150 children at a primary school in Flores, Indonesia by replacing the dirt and concrete floor with a new tiled floor.

Project summary

The primary school in Flores was built in 1979 and has not had any further maintenance or renovations in the last 30 years despite being exposed to the heavy climatical changes that affect the building. The floor is simply dirt and concrete and the 150 pupils are exposed to this which brings health risks and clear difficulties in providing the right learning environment. All the necessary materials to make the renovations are transported from Java at a high cost. There is no system in place to pay for these necessary costs.


Tiles and supplies will be purchased from Java and transported to the small island of Flores. Local manpower will be used to install the tiled school floor and the school will be renovated up to a suitable standard before the next season of heavy rains prevent the children from benefiting from what they all deserve - an education.


  • 170
  • There are over 150 students at this primary school between the ages of 4-12.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. *Pablo Picasso *

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is Identical to the Contact Person




  1. Purchase Materials

    • Tile and supplies will be purchased
    • €1,000
    • 30
  2. Floor Installation

    • Install tile floor in the school
    • €0
    • 1