Corporate Partnership Programme

What are the benefits?

  • 1

    Recognition of your support on the website – a marketing opportunity in itself!

  • 2

    Investment in the vision that development aid has to change globally – that transparency, engagement, clarity and results are what is needed for confident donation to projects.

  • 3

    Gain global exposure for your own projects – allow the world to assist you with crowdfunding for that project you want to get done with our simple donation system and support network.

  • 4

    Activate employee engagement – open the opportunity up to your workforce to generate projects from within their own network. A happy workforce equals better business, and helps to attract and retain talent for your company.

  • 5

    Become part of the Get It Done network – a community of talented, ethically minded individuals and organisations, covering a range of industries from creative to corporate. We celebrate our successes and share best practices together. The broad range of skills and expertise contained within our Get It Done family extends from the globally respected Dutch airline KLM, the sustainability giant that is AkzoNobel, the creative class of founder Hanna Verboom, the innovative excellence showcased by PresentPlus (founders of WeTransfer) and the wizadry of Wieden + Kennedy to name just a few...

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about our various levels of engagement on a corporate or individual level, then we would love to hear from you. Your individual needs can be discussed and met, whether you are looking for exposure for a project close to your heart or perhaps you need assistance with finding a good project that appeals to your corporate values.

We are here to help you Get It Done.