Frequently asked questions

General Questions

What is Get It Done?

Get It Done is an online crowdfunding platform for small human-needs development projects all over the world. Get It Done makes it easy for people to make a positive change in the lives of others by providing simple tools that allow individuals to:

  • donate to a project
  • promote a project online through social media
  • set up and own a project anywhere in the world
  • organise a corporate supported programme

Get It Done itself does not provide funding for your projects. It gives your project the platform it deserves for recognition and funding from the crowd.

Why use Get It Done?

Get It Done is simple, straightforward and completely free of charge to individuals. Get It Done makes it easy to raise and collect money for your project using not only your personal connections but also the thousands of people who visit the Get It Done site too. We offer assistance along the way, monitoring project progress to ensure donated funds are allocated appropriately, and creating transparency for donors.

As a donor, Get It Done offers you an opportunity to engage actively with a project that appeals to you. You can ask questions, offer help and expertise, and keep an eye on the budget and expected results of your chosen project. You will know exactly where, when and how your donation is spent.

For companies wishing to do some good, Get It Done is so much more than a place to simply send your money. We provide opportunities for your employees to set up projects that resonate with them, and for you as a company to take an active part in the projects you support. Perhaps there is a project connected to your business, your people, or your dreams? Corporate support of a project is more than just a contribution; by donating, your company takes a meaningful role in getting it done.

Is Get It Done a charity with tax-deductible status?

Get It Done has its origins in the charitable organisation Cheruto Foundation ( Get It Done is registered under Dutch law as a foundation with ANBI status. This means Get It Done is exempt from certain taxes, such as gift and inheritance tax. It also means that your donation is income-tax deductible in the Netherlands. The confirmation email you receive after your donation acts as your receipt if you wish to report your donation to the Dutch tax authorities.

What kind of projects does Get It Done feature?

Get it Done showcases projects that focus on a human need – from education programmes and cultural preservation, to healthcare initiatives and poverty reduction. Get It Done projects focus on the positive change we can make to human life. So, we do not feature projects where animal welfare or environmental concerns are the key topics. Get It Done is a neutral, non-political, non-religious organisation and is not directly affiliated with any of the projects it hosts.

Please refer to the guidelines listed on the checklist page for more info.

Who can start a project with Get It Done?

Anyone can start a project with Get It Done as long as it meets the General terms and Conditions.

Can I start a project with Get It Done on behalf of another charity?

All we care about is making a positive change in people’s lives and making it easy for projects to get done. So, if a small charity rather than an individual runs your project, it makes no difference to us.

How do I contact Get It Done?

Please email with general questions and queries.
Please email with specific project-related questions.
Please email with questions relating to press and events.

How do I apply to have my project featured on Get It Done?

The application process for submitting a project to Get it Done for review and approval can be found on the checklist page.

What is the maximum project budget?

The maximum total project budget is 10.000 Euros. Get It Done believes in fast and effective results. The smaller the total budget, the quicker it takes to fund-raise, complete the project, and see results.

How long is a project posted on the platform?

The maximum fundraising period is 6 months. If funding is not raised in this amount of time, the project will be removed from the platform and any money received will be allocated to other Get It Done projects. The relevant supporters of such a project will be given the chance to choose where to re-allocate these funds The complete terms and conditions of fundraising and payment can be found on the legal page.

What resources can be used to get projects funded?

We encourage project owners to use their online and offline networks to share their project. The most common online networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Alternative online resources include using your website or online newsletter to reach out. Offline networks are also a great way to promote your project. Consider promoting your project in schools, workplaces, sports centres, libraries, or anywhere there may be a potential donor! Your project will have its own featured informative page on the Get It Done website with an easy payment system to make it simple to promote and fund your project

Why is a project divided into phases?

Each project must be divided into a minimum of two phases for the distribution of money. After reaching 100% funding, we will disburse funds for the first phase of a project. Once phase one is complete and Get It Done has received proof of progress, funds will be disbursed for the next phase(s), until the project is done. There are no exceptions to this process. Get It Done finds that monitoring progress in this way creates transparency and timely accountability for the completion of projects.

How does Get It Done monitor projects on the platform?

In order to satisfy Get It Done criteria, it is critical that each project has set goals, time frames, and accountable individuals contractually responsible for the legitimate use of project funds. Project owners are required to regularly communicate project activity and provide timely proof of progress. Get It Done rigorously evaluates and analyses projects, from the conceptual phase to project completion, to maintain our core values of 100% transparency and integrity.

How can I donate?

Click the yellow buttons titled “DONATE NOW”. All donations are in Euros and there is a minimum donation amount of 5€

How much of my donation goes to a project?

0% is retained by us. 100% of your donation goes to the project and the 3rd party bank charges applied by your bank. This amount is calculated by your bank with each transaction and ranges between 2 and 5% of your total donation.

Can I make a payment directly to Get It Done without using the website?

Yes. We are always delighted to receive any generous support for our efforts to make a positive impact in this world – payments can be made to the following bank account – please mark your payment with your name. Many thanks!

IBAN: NL93 RABO 0101 311389