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  • Hyderabad
  • Hyderabad
  • India

Goal summary

Help Child Guidance Centre to establish a Computer Training Unit in their Vocational Training Department, to provide future job opportunities for disabled children and adults in Hyderabad, India.

Project summary

The main goal of the project is to help the disabled gain employment. Everything we do revolves around computers. We provide basic computer training to at least 80 people with disability. This way we want to enable them to work as data entry operators around Hyderabad.


The project is done by purchasing the required computer materials and appointing a computer Trainee Professional. Students will then receive training for a period of three months. After examination, we will find them suitable job opportunities. We will them provide follow up at the work site.


  • 80
  • The target beneficiaries of the project will be 80 children and adults with disability, varying Physical Disability to Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment and Mental Disability.
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Why (Project owners drive)

The computer is becoming more and more important in all different kinds of jobs. By this project disabled adults and children get the chance to get their own job, so they will be able to earn some money of their own.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

In 2000 owner went to India for a student placement. Child Guidance Centre (CGC) was visited several times. Owner was charmed by the multiple projects, and the enthusiasm of employees, of CGC.

Project organization

  • Stichting Santosh
  • OUR VISION:“We envision a society where the disabled, the deprived and the neglected enjoy the same opportunities, privileges and rights as all other citizens” OUR MISSION:“To strive towards the realization of our vision with special focus on the




  1. Purchase of materials and training

    • ACTIVITIES 1.1 Purchasing the required materials(Hardware and Software) and setting up of the Computer Training Unit. 1.2 Appointing A Computer Trainee Professional (Preferably a special educator with training in Computer education). 1.3 Finalizing a list of 20 students for the training which would be divided in two batches.(Morning and Afternoon) for 3 months 1.4 Commencement of the Vocational Training in Computer Education(Both Practicals and Theory). 1.5 Conduction of Examination by the Board of Intermediate Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh.
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    • The project can be set up and initiated within a span of 3 months. (The purchase of the material ands setting up of the unit will take more than 2 months) The Unit can start functioning in the academic year 2013 -2014.
  2. Linking trainee to job

    • 2.1 Seeking job opportunities for the students. 2.2 Conducting an analysis of the selected work place. 2.3 Creating a simulated training set up at the centre. 2.4 Vocational Placement of the Individual. 2.5 Follow up at the work site would be initiated which would be initally a monthly follow up followed by quarterly and half yearly and once a year. The project basically requires an initial investment for the purchase of the equipment required for the training. The maintenace of the Unit will be taken care by the organization. The students would be charged a minimum fee for the training which would be utilized in its maintenance.
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