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The project owner

Jan Willem Molenaar


  • Maroua
  • Maroua
  • Cameroon

Goal summary

Teachers and parents in Maroua have no clue that dyslexia exists. With this project we would like to change that, because we believe that every child should have a chance to finish school. Children with dyslexia deserve a better future!

Project summary

Teachers are not able to recognize whether a child is dyslectic. Instead of giving these children the special attention they need, they are often accused of being lazy or being bad students. Parents don't have a clue that their child may need special attention. They are often discouraged by the bad school results that they take their children off school.


This project will raise general awareness on dyslexia at schools, public instances and a teachers school. We will train 300 teachers, school directors and future teachers in identifying children with dyslexia and in the appropriate educational methods to help these children to improve their performance.


  • 300
  • The final beneficiaries are children who are dyslectic but do not know they are and whose teachers or parents are neither aware. The opportunity to successfully finish school should increase with the improved awareness and knowledge of their teachers on how to identify and deal with dyslexia.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

We lived for three years in Cameroon and every year we ask one of our friends in Cameroon to propose a project. This third project is proposed by Diddi. She is a teacher and when she tutored a girl who turned out to be dyslectic, she realized that despite her teacher training she knew very little about it. After having done some research on this subject, she and her husband, also a teacher, are dedicated to do something about this.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

We are friends since I was as a student in Cameroon in 2001.




  1. Brochures & Training

    • The project budget will cover the reproduction of the brochures (550 pieces) and logistics of trainings at 21 schools (300 participants). The time to make the brochures, distribute them and to give the trainings are provided by the two young teachers Diddi and Ibrahim on a voluntary basis.
    • €1,500
    • 4 months