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The project owner

Debby Ego


  • Varanasi
  • India

Goal summary

Our goal is to help the children of Duniya Generation Foundation in India finish High School, a major step in making their dreams come true.

Project summary

Access to primary school is already limited, and secondary school access is even more difficult to attain for these students living in the slums. Duniya Generation Foundation makes high school possible for children from poor families.


With this project we will be able to pay the school fees for eight new students for their first year. The children will attend a high school located nearby the slum area where they live. By working closely with the principal of the school, we have made it possible for these children to attend this particular school. Normally, this high school would not be accessible for 'slum children'. Duniya Generation Foundation also arranges after-school tutoring with a private teacher to ensure that these students can keep up with the high level of education. Duniya Generation Foundation will be looking for sponsors during the rest of the project to ensure finance in the coming years.


  • 8
  • 8 new students from a slum area in Varansi will be added to the Duniya Generation study fund. There children are highly motivated and supported by their parents to continue going to school. The children want to have a better future and not become a riksja
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Why (Project owners drive)

We cannot change the world, but we can change somebody's world. Duniya Generation helps making the dreams of 12 year olds possible. It's a great pleasure seeing the children going to school, and being highly motivated. I love being with them to talk about their future and off course we also have a lot of fun.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is Identical to the Contact Person




  1. High School - study year 1

    • This summer 8 new students will start going to High School. this money is for school admission, schoolbooks and schooluniforms.
    • €560
    • 52
  2. High School - extra's

    • this money is for schooltrips during the year and the salary of the tuiton teacher.
    • €240
    • 52