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The project owner

Sanne Vroom


  • Hillcrest
  • South Africa

Goal summary

Enable young South Africans with business ideas to realise their potential plans by teaching them all the necessary marketing and PR skills they need to launch their careers successfully.

Project summary

Lack of access to good education and tertiary educational opportunities as well as lack of employment opportunities have left a number of youngsters who have recently completed their schooling, with no source of employment or income. This results in a loss of hope, a lack of income, an increase in early pregnancies in order to access governmental support grants and an increase in drug and alcohol abuse and crime. Many of these youngsters have finished school, yet the quality of education they received is of very questionable quality. This project will support these youngsters and help them start their business and to decrease unemployment in the area.


Training will be offered to 25 youngsters between the ages of 18 and 25. The training will be focused on public relations and marketing, and we will create a "kick-start" kit, which will include resources such as business cards and advertising flyers, for each students business.


  • 25
  • The youth that we have identified are all from lower income groups. In some cases no income! Some are orphans who are living on their own, others have been caring for younger siblings for many years and others are in the care of ageing grandmothers or ot
  • Mixed

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  1. Training Phase

    • - Creating a good student group, with youth who want to start their own business. Training Phase were 25 students will learn how to: - Developing a PR plan - Brand design - Creating business CV - Project planning & business tools - Creative life skillls All materials and lunch/transport are included
    • €500
    • 12
  2. Follow Up Phase

    • - Life Skills, working with participants to develop business specific PR and marketing plan. - Design & print of corporate identity (business card and advert flyers) - Providing ongoing mentoring and support. - starting a follow-up/coaching phase so all starters will be coached to keep business continued. All materials and lunch/transport are included
    • €2,300
    • 12