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The project owner

Jan Willem Molenaar

Project partner(s)


  • Boboyo
  • Cameroon

Goal summary

We will teach a group of five women in the rural village of Boboyo, Cameroon how to earn money by sheep breeding.

Project summary

This project is about sheep....lots of sheep! The women need money from sheep breeding in order to pay for their children's school fees, health care costs and food need. Their extended families will also benefit from a new source of income.


First, five stables will be built. Then, we will train the local women in sheep breeding, bookkeeping and selling sheep. We will buy and give each women 2 sheep and 1 ram. After six months, we will have completed these initial steps, however the project owner will continue to follow the women for 1.5 years to respond to questions, coach them and assure timely vaccination of the sheep. The costs of these activities will be managed by the maker.


  • 45
  • The project targets 5 women and their households consisting of approximately 45 persons. These women live in Boboyo, a rural village in the Extreme North of Cameroon. The women are member of an organized group of 20 women. This project will be a first
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

We lived for three years in Cameroon among many friends. In the coming period Helmie and me, with your support, are going to set up different projects with these friends. Project nr. 1 is with Roland! He chooses to support the women of his beautiful native village Boboyo (did you know that there is a crocodile living in an isolated a pool over there!). These women are in desperate need of.....sheep. And we like sheep, lots of sheep!!!

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

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  1. Building Stables

    • Construction of 5 stables: 760 euro Acquisition of materials needed for sheep breeding: 190 euro Veterinarian kit: 75 euro Educational material: 75 euro Total costs Phase 1 posted at GET IT DONE: 1108 euro Total own contribution or co-finance Phase 1: 1178 euro
    • €1,100
    • 8
  2. Trains women and buy sheep

    • Buying 15 sheep: 828 euro Buying medication: 172 euro Total costs Phase 2 posted at GET IT DONE: 1000 Euro. Total own contribution or co-finance: 533
    • €1,000
    • 16