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The project owner

Noor van Hout


  • Agona Swedru
  • Ghana

Goal summary

To improve the skills and competences of teachers so they may properly educate and stimulate personal and educational growth of children in Ekwamkrom,Ghana.

Project summary

This project is needed so children receive the quality education they deserve. Often, teachers are not properly trained or educated which negatively affects their students. When teachers learn the necessary skills through our training and workshops, students can be approached in a more personal way and will receive the attention they need to increase their opportunities in class.


We will observe current teaching methods of the staff, discuss these methods and introduce other possible teaching methods. We will then discuss and educate the teachers about how to care for young children, as well as how to implement a more personal approach to teaching, and tending to the needs of children with learning or developmental issues. We will inform, advise, support and train the teachers and evaluate the new approaches and way of working together.


  • 200
  • The primary target group are the teachers and caretakers of Meet Kate. But by giving them training, education and guidance, we indirectly maintain and improve the quality of the care and education of the children of Meet Kate. To help stimulate the pers
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

From Juli 2011 until December 2011 I worked for the Meet Kate Foundation in Ekwamkrom, Ghana. I learned about the organization from the inside out saw the need of good education in Ekwamkrom. I saw a lot of smart, bright children who are eager to learn, and with this project we can give invest in their future. In Ghana I saw that there is so much more to tell about Africa, than that single story about poverty, civil war and helplessness. Meet Kate wants to show the world the other side of this beautiful continent.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is an Employer of Contact Person (Unpaid)




  1. Research and preparation

    • Doing research to the situation and the demand of the projects and the teachers by doing observation, meetings and reflection. By the end of this phase, the material will be bought.
    • €300
    • 8
  2. Implementation & training

    • Training the teachers and workers of Meet Kate, by giving workshops and teaching them in skills to improve the primary education. By the end of this phase, there will be an evaluation: what have we learnt? What was effective, and what can be improved?
    • €900
    • 28