Project details




The project owner

Hilde van Dijk


  • Ulipur
  • Bangladesh

Goal summary

Install 4 toilets and 2 showers in a new primary school in Ulipur, Bangladesh, allowing 80 children to study in a clean and safe environment.

Project summary

The hygiene facilities don’t work because of overdue maintenance, and these children need proper facilities to help prevent hygiene-related illnesses.


The donations will be spent on the equipment needed for the toilets and showers. Also we'll build a water pump to get water running to the new facilities. The school will be responsible for all maintenance costs in the future.


  • 80
  • These children live in a small village with just enough means to survive. The hygiene facilities in the village don’t work because of overdue maintenance. The kids don’t have proper education. They use a small school where volunteers teach periodically.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

Founder Leonn Sekender was born in Bangladesh. At age 7 he moved to Holland, escaping the Bangladeshi regime at the time. Leonn and his girlfriend Hilde visited Bangladesh in December 2010 to visit family. They had the wis hand ideas about development aid and how to help the poorest in Bangladesh. After this visit their ideas became reality and in March 2011 Stichting Pani (Pani foundation) was born.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is an Employer of Contact Person (Unpaid)




  1. Water well

    • We will drill and build a water well. This quotation is from a local plumber that agreed on building the water well for this budget.
    • €350
    • 4
  2. Toilets & Shower

    • toilet: € 60 * 4 toilets = € 240,- shower: € 50 * 2 showers = € 100,- sink: € 30 * 4 sinks = € 120,-
    • €460
    • 4