Project details



The project owner

Iris Verstappen


  • San Martin de Amacayacu in the Colombian Amazon
  • Colombia

Goal summary

To improve community health and hygiene by building 20 basic toilet units for the Tikuna people of the Colombian Amazon.

Project summary

This project is needed to help keep the community become more hygienic. The lack of proper toilet facilities results in many cases of diarrhea, intestinal parasites and bad smells in the community.


This project will install 20 basic toilets for 20 households in San Martin de Amacayacu.


  • 100
  • The beneficiary indigenous families consist of people of all ages, children, adults and elderly. They live of small-scale agriculture and fishery, with hardly any economic benefits. Some of the families do not earn more than 20 euro a month.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

Get It Done has been a platform for San Martin de Amacayacu twice before, and the community has been able to install a total of 39 watertanks and 40 toilets! The project maker (Heike van Gils) lives in the region permanently is able to secure an efficient development of each project. With her, she has achieved many other projects for the community of San Martin. The project mover (Iris Verstappen) is the outside force in the Netherlands and the US; she has an extensive network of connections committed to get it done. Her visit to the San Martin in 2011 made her realise how urgent this project is.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is an Employer of Contact Person (Unpaid)




  1. 10 toilets

    • Construction of 10 toilet units
    • €2,500
    • 12
  2. 10 toilets

    • Construction of 10 toilet units
    • €2,500
    • 12