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The project owner

Ed van den Berg


  • Gacharage, Central, Kenya
  • Kenya

Goal summary

Build a creative center for 60 children in Gacharage, Kenya. This centre will provide fun and creative extracurricular activities for children whose parents are not able to engage with them after school and during the summer holidays due to their work schedules.

Project summary

This creative resource centre is needed in order to expose the children to new ideas and opportunities, and have a fun way of learning. Providing them with interesting material outside the classroom will pique their curiosity and make them more confident. Parents are also given a sense of comfort knowing their children have a safe environment to go to when they are out of school, keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. Furthermore, the creative centre will also offer local employment opportunities for some of the young people in the village.


By building a safe child creative center!


  • 60
  • - Children of the coffee farmers aged 3 to 12 years - Some young people looking for employment will help at the resource centre
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

See some testimonials in the short video below: link copied.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

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  1. Facilities

    • - refurbishing of old building EURO 200 - set up of playground EURO 300 - buying some furniture for the centre i.e. tables, chairs EURO 400
    • €900
    • 7
  2. Education

    • - provision of a media centre to enable them watch educational childrens shows and documentaries i.e. tv screen and dvd player EURO 650 - hiring a qualified teacher to run the centre on a part time basis&get in some volunteer students to help on other days EURO 250 - purchase of some story books as well as other educational material EURO 200
    • €1,100
    • 8