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The project owner

Hester Terpstra


  • Bandung
  • Indonesia

Goal summary

Inspire 20 musically-talented teenagers living on the streets in Bandung, Indonesia to develop their musical talent, performance skills, and dream bigger than their horizons.

Project summary

There is no social system in Indonesia. Low income means no food. No job means no money. Youth beg on the streets for money to provide for basic food, housing, medicine and clothes. They start working as young children, so there's never a chance to be a kid or to join the schooling system. Now they are out of the system and they can only rely on begging and the generosity of other people they meet on the street.


We are going to give 20 streetkids an opportunity to escape from their negative and hopeless situation. We are going to empower them and provide a two year programme to further develop their talent, life skills, leadership skills, media and management skills; a total package to be able to make their own living in a creative way with their artistic talent. We create job opportunities, create a supportive network around them, and find inspiring role models to guide and uplift them to a higher level in life. The final goal is that they have developed skills to be able to create their own work and generate income.


  • 20
  • 20 musical highly talented youth at risk will develop their musical skills guided by professionals, students and organizations. They have a chance to be in a band, record an album and perform at a music festival. They will join an inspiring network and me
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

We are very excited to work with Ubuntu Streetkids Foundation because of their experience in working with streetkids and youth at risk worldwide. Their mission and vision are similar to ours and we believe if we join forces we can really make a difference in the lives of so many teenagers, their family and the next generation.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Non-Profit Organisation - Applicant is Identical to the Contact Person




  1. Music Community / New band

    • Select the core team of the community: Ubuntu Music Bandung Costs: Traveling Telephone, Internet Material Costs € 500,- Recruiting the youth Catering € 500,- Music Band Studio recording € 500,- Studio Rental € 200,- Videoclip € 100,- Clothing € 200,- Promotion & communication € 400,- Mixing € 100,-
    • €2,500
    • 16
  2. Festival

    • Technical: - Mic - Lights - Decor - Instruments € 500,- Location € 200,- Catering: € 200 Promotions: € 600,-
    • €1,500
    • 8