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The project owner

Le Song Anh Thu


  • Ho Chi Minh city
  • Ho Chi Minh city
  • Viet Nam

Goal summary

To let a group of under-privileged children from the streets and from poor rural areas enjoy holidays and an interactive trip to a protection center. The children will get a chance to develop competencies, play at acting, make lanterns, puzzles, play games and much more. All this is in the frame of an English course, allowing the children to learn English and thus get a better start in life.

Project summary

The children are underprivileged and street children (from 5 to 15 years old). They are vulnerable to being exploited and to social evils, and have little chance for the future. Teaching them English gives them a great head start in creating opportunities for the future. Beside regular classes, the trip and classes are an opportunity for the children to learn new skills in a different way, and to break out of their hard daily life and just have fun for a few days.


To achieve the mission of providing a better future for street children, our project runs a series of activities. We organize free English classes daily for underprivileged children by foreign volunteers from around the world. Besides, we have free classes about necessary competencies for children to develop normally. And we organize special events and interactive trips for the children, trips that they could not otherwise take. We use our existing network from the English school to get this done.


  • 1500
  • Hope for children project focuses on making impact on children in the ages of 6 – 15. These children are underprivileged and disabled. Majority of them are orphaned, they have no parent or guardian, which turns them into street children to earn their livings. As street children, they have to do hard work during the day (usually from 5.00 AM early in the morning till 7 or 8.00 PM in the evening). They do not have the chance to enjoy basic education due to lack of time and money. They are not able to grow up in a normal environment so they are limited in normal communication skills. They are extremely vulnerable to being exploited and social evils. Those children will definitely have no bright future without any positive and long – term help from the society. Another part of children is ethnic minority residents. Three fourths of Vietnamese area is covered by mountain, which causes a lot of difficulty for those children in access to education and normal public welfare. Some other children are the victims of chemical poison left from the war in Vietnam more than 30 years ago. Their health conditions are extremely destroyed and they almost have no ability to take care of themselves. Last but not least, they are children who suffer from severe sickness such as heart disease, hepatitis…
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Why (Project owners drive)

We see that making real impact on children is quite a realistic contribution to Vietnam development. Majority of Vietnamese population is children and youth. Investing in children is smart investment in Vietnamese future development. Furthermore, Vietnam is still a poor country, it is really hard for Vietnamese government to cover welfare to every single miserable child. We feel our responsibility to take care part of these children to help to develop Vietnamese social welfare. Most members in project realize how good their life is compared to those children so all of us want to do as much practical things to help improving their life so that they can at least have a chance to develop normally and find for themselves a way to their brighter future.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

Our leader approached the Tu Xuong school. We got in contact after researching in the network of FFSCVN to offer them Free English Education for children there.

Project organization

  • AIESEC Vietnam
  • AIESEC is an international student – run organization. It was established in 1948 after World War II and until now, it has appeared in more than 110 countries and territories with nearly 90 000 members.




  1. Teaching and activities

    • Building the fundamental basement for the next phase in 2014: Broaden & strengthen social impact • Maintaining the good relationship and increasing in partnership with shelters and orphanages in Ho Chi Minh city to offer them Free English education for children • Creating fixed basic frame of activities for interactive trips to orphanages and shelters around Ho Chi Minh city • Approaching further areas where residents’ standard of living is really poor and children are even under of underprivileged • Increasing teaching and event quality of any teaching period and event organized for children, help them have more practical chances to learn and develop normally
    • €200
    • 4 months
  2. Connecting

    • Connect the network of NPOs in the field of underprivileged children • Cooperating with at least 2 NPOs about children: organizing “Xmas Day” event and 1 interactive trip to rural area with them • Making list of potential NPOs to transfer to the next generation of Hope for Children project • Making a warm relationship among NPOs to help each other in the difficult situation (such as which in the last 2012) Maintaining financial sustainability of the project • Covering enough fee for all teaching plan and event cost while still ensure the event quality at an acceptable level, which means satisfactory and helpfulness to children and other stakeholder
    • €200
    • 4 months