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A Solar Light Center illuminates an area of approx. 1000m2 , or the size of a small soccer pitch, The communal area around the Solar Light Center can be used for sport and other important activities. A Solar Light Center extends the day by enabling communal life after dark. It creates a safe area and supports sanitation programs. The new Solar Light Center will also enable the KNVB’s WorldCoaches program in Africa. The WorldCoaches program trains football coaches in using football for social development, focusing on communities in developing countries. A Solar Light Center is sustainable, it is not dependent on electricity from the grid and continues to operate during power outages. Maintenance can be self-sustaining because the owner (the local authority) can rent out the light or advertise space and generate an income.


As a small private initiative, a group of the Philips legal department and two members of the Royal Dutch Soccer Association Worldcoaches (KNVB WorldCoaches) joined forces and set a goal to climb Africa’s highest peak, the Kilimanjaro. With their climb the team seeks to raise money and awareness for Solar Lighting, the KNVB WorldCoaches program and the installation of a Solar Light Center in district of Arusha. The team will open the Solar Light Center directly after their climb to the top of the Kilimanjaro. Please note that the team is paying for their own trip expenses and the full amount of any funds raised will go straight towards the Solar Light Center project! Follow the team on Facebook (C2CKilimanjaro) Twitter (@C2CKilimanjaro) and Instagram: C2CKilimanjaro


Our goal is to install a Solar Light Center in the district of Arusha in Tanzania. At this moment people in that area have little or no access to electricity. When darkness falls, life in such communities simply comes to a halt, affecting education, security, productivity, employment and quality of life. Off-grid lighting solutions allow communities and villages to come together after dark.