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Dancing sparks creativity and has the power to boost morale. These children have been taken off the streets by Kampus Diakonia Modern (KDM) Jakarta. This foundation supports children in dire need. We teach the sixty children who live there at the moment and provide them with a whole new experience to help them (re)discover their importance, confidence and creativity.


We will begin with an introduction to European dance, teaching the basics of classical ballet and modern dance with playful exercises. After a few weeks, we will start creating the choreography, together with the children, for their final performance. These choreographies are made through improvisational exercises and by bringing in aspects of the local dance culture. We will divide the group of sixty children into smaller groups and provide them with daily classes for two months. The performance will be based on the story of the classical ballet ‘The Nutcracker’. This fairy tale captures everybody’s imagination. With dvd’s, books and music we explain the story to the children. To make this all happen, the community plays a vital role in the entire project. We involve as many people as possible. Teachers, parents and local craftsmen who can help us with costumes, lights and sound, building the stage, catering and much more. This way the Chance to Dance project will not only give the children a great experience, the project also engages the entire local community.


The goal of Chance to Dance is for children to gain confidence and self-discipline. Through this unique experience they can discover themselves and their ability to make a difference by achieving a goal as ‘simple’ as contributing to a performance. By giving them and the whole community a Chance to Dance. We will provide dance classes to a group of sixty orphans in Jakarta, Indonesia, five days a week for two months. These lessons will culminate into a final spectacular dance performance by the children who have been professionally guided, giving them and the whole community a Chance to Dance. These kids become stars for a moment! To keep this project going long term, we will involve a local dancer or schoolteacher from the beginning, so there is someone who is able to continue teaching dance classes on a regular (weekly) basis. In addition, we will leave behind all the costumes and props that we used for the performance.