Lives to be improved



€750 / 750

  • DONE


The rooms are outdated and there is a need to renovate them. We need to brighten up the rooms and buy mattresses, quilts and curtains. With your help, we will make this orphanage a better place to live for these little ones. But we can not do this alone! Together we are able to paint a brighter future for these children.


The team behind this project will approach their own network and raise money through the sale of wooden 'Good Luck' dolls. The money raised for this project will be sent to the local contact in Kenya, and the necessary products to renovate the orphanage will be purchased locally. 100% of your donation will be spent directly on the renovation of this orphanage.


The goal of the project is to help renovate an orphanage in Timau, Kenya, creating a cleaner and brighter place for these young orphans to live. We believe that every child deserves a happy and healthy life, and this orphanage will provide just that.

Raised all money!!

Thanks everyone for raising money! We are very glad to finish part one. Now it is time to use the money to upgrade the orphanage!