Project details




The project owner

Willem Kuipers


  • Kwa Ugoro (USA River)
  • Arusha
  • Tanzania, United Republic of

Goal summary

We introduce a clean and smokeless cookstove using bio mass fuel. We want people to cook in a healthy way. With these cookstoves, developed by Philips, that is possible. We specifically use pellets produced from grass, maize and other bio waste that is available in the area. Now we can reduce lung diseases, deforestation and increase the living conditions.

Project summary

Cooking is responsible for 2 million deaths globally each year. That happens because 3.5 billion people still rely on solid fuels, like wood, to cook their food everyday. These fuels create a toxic smoke that fills homes in a poor village in Tanzania. COPD (lung disease) is one of the biggest problems in the third world. We want to improve their living conditions with this clean cookstove. 700 people will benefit from this initiative immediately.


Cooking shouldn't kill. With so little effort and money we are able to save lives immediately. We will introduce a new smokeless cooking device that is able to burn bio mass fuel like grass pellets 99% efficient without smoke. To fundraise this amount we'll use our network, social media and we plan to hold different events for people to donate towards this cause. Julia Roberts shares in this great video about CLEAN COOKING. Copy & paste the link below:


  • 700
  • Kwa Ugoro is a village with 8000 inhabitants. Currently a Dispensary is under development under supervision of ADRA a worldlwide NGO. The project is a phase 1 demonstration project with 70 selected families that will get introduced to clean cooking. Adra Tanzania will provide the education and training and coordination of the project.
  • Mixed

Why (Project owners drive)

With so little effort and money we are able to save lives immediately. The simplicity of the technical solution to produce bios mass fuel with modern technology and using high efficiency low cost cooking stoves should be so convincing that the villages surrounding Kwa Ugoro will pick it up quickly so a snow ball effect is expected.

Relation between the project partner (excecution) and the project owner (fundraising)

I know Adra Tanzania through the sponsoring of the Health dispensary in Kwa Ugoro by the Wilde Ganzen and Lions Club Tilburg. This NOGH is highly motivated to support this initiative.

Project organization

  • Lions Club
  • Lions Clubs International is a secular service organization with over 45,500 clubs and more than 1,368,683 members in 205 countries around the world founded by Melvin Jones in 1917.Lions meet the needs of local communities and the world. Our members - w




  1. Introduction to clean, smokeless cooking

    • Phase 1 During demonstration meetings the people of the village will be introduced to the clean cooking device with demonstrations, the advantages, using bios mass, and the health benefits. The cost advantages and last but not least environmental (deforestation). Phase 1 should generate the commitment of the village board and village inhabitants.
    • €500
    • 1 month
  2. Clean cooking installation

    • In Phase 2 we will install 70 clean cooking devices with 70 selected families and buy grass pellets.
    • €9,000
    • 5 months
  3. Evaluation of the demo project with 70 families

    • In this phase we will evaluate the first 5 months trial period. In this phase we will introduce the concept of producing the grass pellets in the village. For the trial period we are able to obtain grass pellets from the university of Dodoma, Prof Don Lotter. If the project is successful (of which we are convinced) we will start fundraising for the production equipment of bio mass fuel pellets and further roll out of more clean cooking stoves. A local production company will be set up, we will assist with obtaining micro financing through NMB Bank ( 30% RABO) and we will assist with setting up the business and will continue long term to support the business.
    • €400
    • 1 month