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Cooking is responsible for 2 million deaths globally each year. That happens because 3.5 billion people still rely on solid fuels, like wood, to cook their food everyday. These fuels create a toxic smoke that fills homes in a poor village in Tanzania. COPD (lung disease) is one of the biggest problems in the third world. We want to improve their living conditions with this clean cookstove. 700 people will benefit from this initiative immediately.


Cooking shouldn't kill. With so little effort and money we are able to save lives immediately. We will introduce a new smokeless cooking device that is able to burn bio mass fuel like grass pellets 99% efficient without smoke. To fundraise this amount we'll use our network, social media and we plan to hold different events for people to donate towards this cause. Julia Roberts shares in this great video about CLEAN COOKING. Copy & paste the link below:


We introduce a clean and smokeless cookstove using bio mass fuel. We want people to cook in a healthy way. With these cookstoves, developed by Philips, that is possible. We specifically use pellets produced from grass, maize and other bio waste that is available in the area. Now we can reduce lung diseases, deforestation and increase the living conditions.