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The Liberty School is founded by a local couple with the purpose to provide education for the poorest children, who can’t pay their own school fees. For a small amount the children in the little village are able to go to school now. Since 2000 the founders have been providing education for many poor children in the little village Asienmpong nearby Kumasi in Ghana. The past years they could rent the land, the school is built on, but this July they have to pay off the whole amount. If they are able to buy the land, the school will continue to provide education for 150 children.


In July 2014 the Liberty School has to pay off the whole amount to off the land. When the land is officially theirs, the school can continue to provide education. And they will be able to get the correct papers to receive support from the government. The Liberty School currently survives on donations. With your help we can make a difference and give the school and the local children a future. Let's GET IT DONE!


The goal of the project is to pay off the school ground for the Liberty School in Ghana. At the end of July the founders of the school need to pay off the ground, otherwise the school has to close and the 150 children can no longer receive education. It's important to pay off the school ground so that the school continues to exist and offer proper education for local kids. Education is one of the most important things!