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Last summer, our group member Tijs Luijbregts, went to Jamaica with a Dutch organization called Dutch Soccer School. The main goal of this trip was to teach the kids how to play soccer and keep them off the streets. He experienced a huge poverty problem. Children weren’t able to play soccer with the right equipment or proper clothes. We really wanted to do something for them. Something that will make them happy and let them laugh again. This project makes that possible, but we need your help.


The team behind this project will raise money for the local soccer club. We will approach our own network and raise money through various actions. The money raised for this project will be sent to the local contact, André Virture, and the equipment they need will be purchased locally. 100% of your donation will be spent directly on the purchase of the equipment.


We would like to give 500 street kids in Jamaica the opportunity to play soccer at the local soccer club. We also want to give them materials, like footballs, goals and jersey's. It's our intention to keep these children from the streets and give them a place where they can play with friends and have fun together.