Lives to be improved



€2,500 / 2,500

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Nigerian widows are often left to fend for themselves. Moreover, even when they have children of their own they usually also have a number of young orphans in their care. To provide for themselves, their children and the orphans, they sell palm oil. Palm oil is a product that is used on a daily basis for multiple purposes and can be sold easily. The widows of Iziogo (Ebonyi) have to travel to be able to use a palm press to produce the palm oil. They have to pay a fee every time they use the press. The fee decreases their income substantially. A press, owned by community of Iziogo, will structurally improve the living conditions of the widows, leading to a better life and increased chances for them and the children.


A palm oil press will be bought and a local partner will teach the widows how to use it. The oil they produce will then be sold on the market.


To obtain a palm oil press for Iziogo, so the widows have the opportunity to gain more income. The press will provide a sustainable foundation for them and the children in their care, to build up their future.