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€9,733 / 9,733

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To help this indigenous community eradicate preventable diseases and keep their community environment cleaner.


For less than €40 per beneficiary, this project will purchase and install the necessary toilet facilities for 50% of San Martin`s households. More than 250 people will be beneficiaries of this project. The project is highly sustainable as each family is responsible for the maintenance of their own toilet. During installation and community meetings, the importance of hygiene will be discussed. Toilet paper and hygienic towels will have to be collected in bags or baskets and burnt at least twice a week. This to avoid filling up the deposit hole and polluting the community environment with toilet waste. The required timber, gravel and sand will be collected from the rainforest around the community. A trained installer from a nearby town will be contracted for toilet-building. PVC tubes, cement and other non-forest resources will be bought in the town of Leticia.


The project will install 40 basic sanitation units built from local resources in this remote indigenous village in the Colombian Amazon.