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€2,800 / 2,800

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This project is needed due to the lack of jobs and opportunities for income-generation in Mumbai slums. It is also critical to address the alcohol and drug abuse that is overly present in these slums.


We teach the fathers welding skills. Once they are properly trained, we will provide them with work so they can put their newly learned skills into practice and earn a decent income. Income is expected to be around €10 per day. At the same time, the fathers will get psychological help to deal with their unhealthy drinking habits. The same amount which is paid in salary to the fathers will also be donated to Tiny Miracles. With this money, their children will be sent to school. We believe this system creates work loyalty and stronger motivations.


To create job opportunities and income for families by teaching welding skills to the fathers of this community in Mumbai, India. We will also provide psychological counseling to help cope with their unhealthy drinking habits.