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€1,250 / 1,250

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The local market in the Philippines has a huge competition given that most products sold are made for much less than the cost of a minimum salary, and can therefore be offered for a very low price. Piña Projects focuses on the international community in Manila who are willing to pay the price that covers the cost and enables the projects to develop themselves further. However, they need further opportunities to employ more people and take on more projects.


This project will focus on producing Christmas decorations in the Philippines and exporting these products to The Netherlands where they will be used to decorate and brighten up nursing homes. The women who create these products will receive a fair wage, and people in the Netherlands will also benefit from their work.


Creating export opportunities for Piña Projects to create a good income for female employees. The products created will be used to decorate nursing homes in The Netherlands. By developing this idea further, there is the potential to employ more people for future projects.