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€1,500 / 1,500

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Not many people in Burkina Faso have the opportunity to support themselves with a creative career. However, we believe in utilizing the creative industry to spur economic growth and create a more vibrant future. Due to high poverty levels, opportunities in the creative industry are incredibly minimal. Francois deserves the chance to develop as a photographer through experience, schooling and promotion. His economic situation is holding him back.


Butterfly Works realize that local creative talents are very important. They are in touch with the local heritage of a country and see things from a unique perspective. We will help Francois with his career by creating his website, buying equipment attracting new assignments. In this way, his photographs can mean something for Burkina Faso and its culture.


Showcase photographer Francois from Ouagadougu, Burkina Faso to a global audience by assisting with the development of a website and contact network to enable future assignments.