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We have been working with these youngsters for over a year, doing theater, music and art. They have now expressed their wishes to focus on music. We need to continue these classes as it gives them the feeling of accomplishment and increase self worth.


We will organize 4 classes a week with approximately 15 participants. In total, we aim to reach a minimum of 40 streetkids who participate regularly. Music courses will introduce these children on teamwork, conflict resolution, and perseverance. They can transcend their status as beggars and be viewed as talented youth with a hopeful future. We have already been performing with some kids and we need to continue these community concerts so the kids can speak up, play their songs,and keep on advocating for their own rights!


To introduce sustainable music classes in four area's of Bandung, Indonesia to teens living on the streets. Access to these workshops will improve their confidence, creativity and an opportunity to express themselves freely through the art of music.