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Blikkiesdorp is an isolated place. It is 30 km out of Cape Town. If people want to go to Cape Town to work, it will cost as much as the costs for the trip to get there. So in that case they rather stay home, but the teenagers do feel isolated. That is not a positive and fertile energy to live in.This project will help motivate and uplift the teenagers of the Blikkiesdorp community in South Africa and gives them new opportunities to build on a better life.


The Ubuntu Academy will offer 4 Ubuntu Academy Modules: - co- creation Street Kids are going to work together on a case given by a company or organization. Children will develop creativity, out of the box thinking and cooperation. - Ubuntu Business Street kids will start up their own business. They will learn everything from writing a business plan till opening their own business. - Move Me Street kids will learn how to make a movie, a documentary or a video clip. They will be trained by professional documentary makers. Street kids will become the reporters of their own community. - Ubuntu Record Street kids who have talent in music will get the possibility to record their own cd in a professional studio. Part of this process is doing a music tour around the country. Ubuntu Coaches will be trained. An Ubuntu Coach is someone who works from his own talent, passion and expertise. The Ubuntu Coach contributes to the life of street kids in a positive way by finding creative ways to make contact with the strength, will-power and passion of the child. It will be one to one coaching and group coaching with the goal to realize potential and realizing dreams. Children need role models to look up to and to stay on the right path.


To develop the first Ubuntu Academy to increase opportunities and future prospects for street kids by focussing on talent development, business related skills, creative thinking and artistic skills as theatre, music, dance, film and painting. Street kids learn to develop their self-esteem, self-confidence, resilience, and trust, which helps them start believing in not only themselves, but in other people and the possibility of a brighter future.