Lives to be improved



€1,750 / 1,750

  • DONE


The Government has made primary education for all children compulsory in a bid to meet the Millennium Development Goals; however the schooling costs money. The traditional farming communities of Maasai have been prohibited from farming the land upon which they live as that area is considered a conservation area. This clearly puts them in a difficult situation, as they are forced to spend money on school fees yet are unable to earn through their usual farming methods.


50 new hives will be purchased. Each hive costs approximately 25 euros and generates honey that is sold to a wholesaler for 50 euros per year. If we inject this needed capital into the business - the group will be able to increase their output and professionalize their business. If they can produce enough honey they could look into supplying some safari lodges directly and increasing their profit margin.


Sustain this traditional community of Maasai women by investing in their grassroots honey-making business. This will allow them to make a living and pay for their children's school fees.