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€1,000 / 1,000

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The Voedselbank Midden-Limburg takes care of over 150 families, who rely on the VML for their daily food and other necessities. An electric pallet piler will help professionalize the warehouse of the VML, which receives donations from local food stores and is managed by volunteers. The machinery speeds up the process of transporting and rearranging products, while also creating a safer working environment for the volunteers.


By purchasing an electric pallet piler, sorting and storing supplies will be a much more efficient and safe process for the volunteers working. Volunteers will then have more time available to help those that need the VML to survive, and assist these families with far more than just food supplies.


To provide an electronic pallet piler for the Voedselbank Midden-Limburg which will take care of the heavy work needed to sort and move pallets filled with food. It will also help the volunteers to work more safely and have more time to spend on the families that need assistance.