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Guatemala is one of the poorest countries of Latin America with more than 50% of the population living in poverty, and foreign investment has been damaged by the political and economic unrest. There are simply no job opportunities available, which results in little to no incomes and widespread poverty. This project is a modern and fresh approach to generating clean power and income.


This project will build the blender bicycles in Guatemala so they can be easily adapted to suit the needs of local people. The bicycles can be used anywhere, have zero electrical costs, are easy to maintain, produce no pollution and provide healthy exercise.


This project will raise funds to build blender bikes, which will be used in Holland to raise funds to build blender bikes for a community of 50 Mayan people in Guatemala. These pedal-powered "blender bikes" will support the local Mayan people by helping them produce commercial and natural products as well as a provide a sustainable income, all with zero electrical costs.