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Chikwhawa is one of the poorest regions in southern Malawi. Due to financial dependency girls rarely finish their primary education and get married when they are very young. Economic empowerment will enable them to continue their education through financial independence, and enable them to be productive members of the society. They can get a career, earn more money, and make themselves be someone important.


The idea behind the pass-on strategy is that in a group, several members will be given initial inputs, and as they start generating returns, they will pass these on to the other group members. In this case, goats will be given to generate returns. After a period of time, the whole group will have benefited. Once all the original group members have benefited they will be encouraged to pass-on to other targeted villages to generate new groups. The group members will discuss the criteria to be used in identifying initial members to benefit from the initial inputs. Upon producing offspring the goats will be passed on to the next beneficiary.


The goal of Goats for Girls is to employ a goat pass-on strategy in order to improve goat production, increase girls’ household income and increase food security in Chikwhawa (Malawi). This will enable the girls to finance a higher education which will help empower them for a brighter future. Creating economic empowerment for girls will help Malawian girls in physical, emotional, and social ways and also help the community around them as a whole.

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Goats for Girls Update


Here is a picture of the article that came in the Malawian National Newspaper, on the work that was being done by Goats for Girls.