Lives to be improved



€6,195 / 6,195

  • DONE


The House of Hope needs better flooring, thermal insulation, new windows and doors and an electrical system. This project also aims to give these women access to more regular professional and psychological counseling for long term development and integration.


The house renovation phase will be done by the local team of constructors already working for the community. They are the ones helping expanding the village as new and new children and families in need ask for shelter. The psychological counseling is meant to cover a period of six months, 3 days / week and will be done by a state approved child psychologist Liliana Urzeala. Mrs. Urzeala is already giving her time to the people here but her time is limited and our aim is to extend her time spent in the house to three days per week.


Bring hope. Provide shelter. Heal traumas. Give young mothers and their children in Valea Screzii a second chance to normality. This project will help improve the basic infrastructure of the House of Hope, which is a safe haven for young mothers and their children who have escaped abusive relationships and poor living conditions.