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Syrian families lost everything and had to flee in panic during attacks of the Army of Assad. Every day, several thousand of refugees arrive and are offered only very basic shelters. The location of the camp is in the middle of a very dusty desert, so the conditions are harsh and the children suffer from inhalation problems and malnutrition. There are many children that lost one or both parents, brothers or sisters. In addition to the physical suffering, the emotional damage is substantial.


A team of forty people will organise benefits actions to get as many people and donations as possible. After this we will travel to the refugee camp with ten professional people. Their job: music workshops, document stories, write stories. When back we spread those stories to the world.


Give a voice to the children of Syria by providing them with music workshops and a documentary. The project will culminate with a live concert as a wake up call to the world's passive attitude towards violence in Syria.