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Deaf children around Warang, Senegal, need education. Education is the key to development. Deaf children deserve the same chances as hearing children; to have the prospect of an independent and bright future. In Senegalese society, deaf children are not accepted into schools. Their life is limited to the most basic activities; they never leave their houses. Education and sign language allows the child to develop, to blossom and have a chance to become part of society.


The school will be part of the existing and successful 'Les Cajoutiers' primary school for (over 500) underprivileged children. Plan is to a) expand existing school with classrooms for deaf children b) train teachers and c) buy equipment and school supplies. The money raised via Get It Done will fund 'c'.


Supplying the 2nd school for deaf children in Senegal with equipment and teaching material, allowing 105 deaf children to learn West African Sign Language and get their full primary education. Lessons are based on the Senegalese curriculum and will be spread over 6 years.

First clothing exchange raised 265 euros!


Last week, my sister and me organized a little FUNdraiser. We asked our friends to search their closet for fantastic stuff that didn't work for them but could make someone else very happy. We transformed the GID office in a fashion shop (with even a fitting room) and put everything out there. Our friends eagerly went through the racks in search of something nice. We had so much fun with everybody trying on everybody's stuff! My mother was there as well, taking care of the counter and providing everybody with honest advice about do's and don'ts. People paid €5 for each item they wanted to take home. This raised €265! Surely, we'll be hosting another exchange in a few weeks, because this is effective and so much fun!

Building the first classroom


The school building is starting to look like one! The local builders are busy getting everything ready for the coming school year, so that the children can begin their education. But for that we need desks and school supplies!