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Children of Alexandra township live in one of Africa's overcrowded townships. Up until a couple of years ago, Alexandra was known as a lawless gangster valley. Things have improved in Alexandra but this township is still rife with crime and poverty and suffers from the former stigma of being lawless, which means opportunities do not come around often. With this project we want to show the world the strength and talents of these children but also the challenges in which they still live.


In this project we work with 30 children from ACCSC. ACCSC provides aid to the most vulnerable children of Alexandra. Ubuntu Street Theater will create a safe environment to work with these kids under the guidance of a skilled drama teacher/trauma expert. We will complete this project by creating a safe environment for the child to participate in theatre training, organizing transportation, making new theatre props and getting a drama teacher to Alexandra Township


Give vulnerable youngsters in this South African township in Johannesburg the chance to express themselves in a safe environment. Bring hope and awareness to the plight of these children.