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Matsangoni is a community of (approximately) 30 people, living in clay houses. The community lacks sanitary facilities, and uses the bush as "a toilet." One lady in the village is 101 years old and one-legged. Due to the lack of facilities, she must shuffle on the ground to go to the toilet in the bush. She uses plastic slippers as gloves in order to keep her hands clean and avoid injury. The situation increases the risk of spreading disease, negatively effects the natural environment and is altogether dehumanizing.


The first step is to lay a concrete floor with pipes placed underneath. Next, a small, private house is built from wooden poles with corrugated iron for the walls and roof. While the main goal is to improve the sanitary situation by building the necessary facilities, the work will be done by local contractors and as such create employment opportunities.The materials for the project are also purchased locally. When the project is done, Mkurumuij Village will have a toilet with septic tank, a shower and water tank.


The goal of this project is to improve hygiene and stimulate employment in the Matsangoni Village of Kenya.